Epilepsy : my story…

‘You were making that weird noise again last night ‘ said my brother. Yeah whatever,you’re probably imagining things i thought to myself. At that time i had no idea that this would be the first signs of what would become a chronic illness. The fact is that i had woken up on a few occasions prior to that,with blood in my mouth and my tongue looking as if i had put it through a mincer,which had not set alarm bells ringing either.

I was 29 and in reasonably good health. I hadn’t seen my gp in years and didn’t have any reason to suspect anything was wrong. It all changed the day that i blacked out at work while sitting on a portuguese chair (2 coke crates on each other)and cracked my head on the floor. The amount of blood forced me to go get stitches and after the doctors’ examination and asking me about my general state of health i was diagnosed with epilepsy.

I was put on medication and to be honest didn’t think much of it. I knew nothing about the disease and nobody that suffered with it. According to myself it was just an inconvenience to take pills and that in time it would heal itself. Boy was i wrong.

The type of epilepsy i got meant i had no idea when or where it would happen. I could be having a normal conversation with someone and than wake up to the looks of concerned people and have no recollection of what had just happened.

This, in the course of a year,meant i was involved in 2 car accidents in which i had seizures while driving. After the second accident in which i wrote off a car and ended up in icu for almost 2 weeks i was no longer allowed to drive. My medication wasn’t increased and i thought we had it under control. Worse was to come.

31 December 2007. I was expecting a really busy day. Instead all i remember was that when i got to work my older brother told me i didn’t look too well and that i should go home. I awoke the 7th January 2008. I had no memory of what had taken place between those days. According to my family it’s better i didn’t know.

From that day on the neurologist treating me managed to get me on the right medication and with some tweaks to my diet (no caffeine or similar stimulants,no alcohol)I’ve been seizure free for 9 years.

The medication(Epilim) I’m on does have some side effects,which I’ll get into on another post. This is just my story on how epilepsy has impacted on my life and to give anyone that suffers with epilepsy,hope,that with the right precautions and treatment youll can live life to the fullest.


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