Let me make this ABUNDANTLY clear…

The customer is ALWAYS right. I’m sure all of you have heard this,one or other time,in your life. For anyone that has worked in any retail environment,it is the first rule that gets drummed into you. You as the sales person have no right to disagree with a customer and any sign of arguing will usually end up with the manager or boss being called to deal with you.

As someone that has worked my entire life in retail i know the saying better than most. HOWEVER I,unlike most people,totally disagree with the saying. Let me rephrase that. My number one pet hate is when someone walks into the place where i work and tells me that ‘The customer is always right’.Gee whiz,are you really looking for a fight?

I believe the general public have been brainwashed to think this over the years. The sense of self entitlement astounds me. It is as if the customer is incapable of being in the wrong no matter the case.

Now,before all of you get on my case,i just want to state that i do not condone bad service and it is within the right of someone to complain if they feel that they have not been helped in the way that they would like.

This does not mean that if a store is busy and you see that everyone is trying their best to help that you (as the customer)have the right to bitch and moan. Trying to jump ques is also a no-no. A bit of patience usually goes a long way.

Losing your temper at a waiter,for example,if the food isn’t up to taste or making a scene with a cashier at a shop if the item you bought is defective is also not right. There are certain ways to deal with such things and trying to publicly embarrass a waiter or cashier,for example,is just not on in my opinion. Ask for a manager or the owner of the store so that they can try deal with a problem if you feel you haven’t been properly helped.

One thing to remember is that nowadays there is so much choice out there as customers. If you do not want to shop at certain places or support certain business’s than its your prerogative to do so. With this comes certain power as all stores and businesses are looking to attract you,as a customer,to spend your hard earned money there.

Unfortunately,to quote the Spiderman comics,with great power comes great responsibility. Yes,you as a customer spending your money have the power to choose where you’ll spend your money but it doesn’t give you the right to do as you please in a store.

Let me make this abundantly clear…

I believe the saying should be changed. It should no longer be : The customer is Always right but instead be : The customer is king. The difference is simply that while you might be king it doesn’t necessarily make you ALWAYS right.

Please feel free to leave a comment whether you agree or disagree with this and whether you think I’m just full of shit.


One thought on “Let me make this ABUNDANTLY clear…

  1. You are absolutely right. I have always maintained that the customer is NOT always right. As an entrepreneur, I know that clients are not always right and they can have ridiculous demands. It really sucks how customers can be sometimes, especially in restaurants and shops. People forget that we are all human and can’t do things at machine level.

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