To spank or not to spank? This outsiders take on it…

* Disclaimer. This post is simply my point of view. I’m a single guy with no children of my own. *

Certain topics are by their nature just much more controversial than others. When it comes to children there are not many more controversial topics than that of discipline and more specifically hidings (spankings) from both that of parents and learning institutions. It evokes really strong emotions on either side. You’ll get those for it and those against it. Seeing as i have no children of my own,as yet,I’m not an expert in this field but definitely have strong opinions on which side of the fence i belong on. 

Times have most definitely changed since the early 1980’s,when i was growing up as a kid. It was definitely a time where kids were raised to be seen and not heard. It might be the fact that i grew up in a portuguese home but looking back i think in general that’s the way it was for most kids. 

In our house it was my mom that dished out the hidings. My dad was told that if punishment was to be handed out than she would do it. By all accounts my mom had it tough. We were 5 kids in the house (4 boys 1 girl)and a real handful. At the same time she was involved in running the family owned supermarket we had as well as raising is up. 

My mom was a real old school lady that had no time for ill discipline or disrespect. I got alot of hidings growing up both at home and at school. In those days corporal punishment was allowed to be handed out to misbehaving kids. I can honestly say that on both fronts i never once received a hiding that wasn’t well deserved. I was a naughty little shit-to put it bluntly. 

I believe that this upbringing made me realize,from quite early on,the difference between right and wrong. I also learned to respect those in authority and those elder than me. 

Which brings me to the times we find ourselves in currently. The lack of respect and manners from kids is quite appalling. It’s almost as if since the advent of the ‘ everyone’s got rights ‘ movement the behaviour of children have gotten worse. If i talked to my mom or dad the way some kids talk to their parents,than trust me,i wouldn’t be around to do this post. 

I know that their are parents out there that feel as if they’re caught in a catch-22. Either let their kids do whatever they want or face the scrutiny and scorn of many people and even the chance of child services being called in if they dare raise their handsto their children. 

On the other side,there are other parents out there that believe in disciplining their kids without spanking their kids. They believe in either sending their kids to their rooms or grounding them out taking away cell phones or gaming consoles etc. From what I’ve seen with parents who employ such measures is,while it may help some,it really doesn’t act as a deterrent in the long run. 

Talk to teachers at most schools,especially public schools,and they’ll tell you since corporal punishment has been removed that pupils are much more inclined to be ill-disciplined and disrespectful. There have been incidents where pupils have been confrontational and threatened violence against the teachers. 

To me such incidents only reinforce my opinion that kids are way less mannered and disciplined than in our day. To me it comes down to parents either not willing or wanting to spank their kids from a young age.

My mom always said kids were like bamboo plants meaning they could be bent into any direction with the right discipline and guidance. After a certain age it’s already too late.  

I’m sure that most of us are familiar with the bible verse above. Call me old fashioned but i believe that this is applicable more in these times than ever.

Do you agree or not? Which side of the fence do you belong on? For or Against? Please feel free to drop me a comment.

• NB!! I do NOT condone child abuse. I do however believe that a good spanking when a child has misbehaved is very much in order.


4 thoughts on “To spank or not to spank? This outsiders take on it…

    1. I read your post and as i said you get 2 very polarising and different points of view on this matter. It’s just from what i have observed that I’ve come to my opinion on the matter. Thank you for your comment

      1. As a parent I’ll say this: observing people’s relationships with their kids from the outside is hardly a fair thing to do. But I guess experience will tell when you do have kids of your own. Good luck!

  1. For some kids it is a must. For others it does nothing. I dont think there will ever be a clear cut answer to this topic.

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