The last week of being in my 30’s : 5 life lessons learned so far…

Almost 40…it’s arrived alot quicker than what I’ve expected it to. In less than a week’s time I’ll be 40 even though i don’t really feel it. I would like to say that,like a fine red wine,I’m only getting better with age. 

Life has thrown me it’s fair share of curveballs and I’ve had some ups and downs and through it all it’s brought me to where i am today. The beauty of age is that with it we tend to see life differently,to than when we were younger. 

So even though 40 is by no means old I’d like to share some of the lessons that life has taught me so far and to give advice to anyone younger than me on how to possibly deal with it. 

1: Life rarely turns out the way we expect it to..

When we young we all tend to have hopes and dreams of where we see ourselves in our adult life. We have pictures in our minds of what jobs we would like to have and imagine how our lives are going to be. I would say that in a minimum of 80% of cases it doesn’t happen this way. Ill health or financial economics are just 2 examples of what can prevent us from chasing our dream job or let us realise our full potential.My advice is to make the most with what you got. Don’t bitch and moan if things haven’t turned out the way you wanted. Work your ass off and be grateful for what you have. There are alot of people way worse off than you. 

2: Losing loved ones is a reality. 

I think it’s fair to say that all people will experienced this at one or other point in their life. I,myself,have lost a sister ,both my parents,both sets of grandparents plus uncles and aunts already. People grieve in different ways and the time it takes to move on also greatly differs. The only advice i have is to appreciate everyone while you can. Don’t think you’ve got tommorrow because that is promised to no single person. Don’t be scared to apologise if you’re in the wrong. Also don’t judge other people if they’ve lost a loved one. I mean just because you got over your loss,in 2 or 3 months time,doesn’t mean the next person will. 

3: People come into our lives for different reason and amounts of time. 

This might not resonate with some people but i definitely believe that people cross our paths for some or other reason. It might not always be for the best reasons but i found it to be true. They tend either to be blessings in our lives or lessons that we will never forget. You’ll also notice that not everyone sticks around for the same period. Even your bestest of friends back in school don’t always stay that once you leave. Just try to learn the reason why certain people are in your life. If for example you were in a toxic relationship than know what to avoid on the next one-learn the lessons. And if people are a blessing try be the same back to them. 

4: There will ALWAYS be haters. 

Trust me on this one. You’ll always find somebody that has nothing good to say about you. I see this as a good thing. I don’t think we’re meant to be liked by everyone and our opinions are going to be different to someone else’s sooner or later. Don’t try please everyone. Don’t be scared to stand on your own if you believe in something strongly enough. We should always be keen to better ourselves because the better we become and the more successful we become the more haters we will attract. People that are haters are envious that they can’t be you and don’t have your determination or courage to go out there and live your life to the best of your ability. Having haters is a good thing. It means you’re on the right track. 

5: Family isn’t always blood.

Sad but true. Being related to someone by blood doesn’t necessarily make them family. Family is much more than bloos. It’s the people that have your back regardless. That are there for you no matter the time no matter the crisis. Who,most importantly,accept you just the way you are-with all your wackiness and weirdness. My only advice is TREASURE SUCH PEOPLE. They are far and few between. 

All i know is life is always moving and I’m still learning as i go along. I don’t know how long I’ve got left but hopefully i can keep on growing and bettering myself and understanding better the journey I’m on.

So what life lessons have you learnt?Please feel free to share with me or to leave any comments. Look forward to hearing you..till the next post



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