In the end…

Friday afternoon and its quiet enough for me to start this new post. The last 2 weeks have been a bit of struggle as far as inspiration goes for new posts.  Inspiring it definitely is not but devastating news from the music industry is the source of my post for today. The death of Linkin Park lead vocalist Chester Bennington is sending shockwaves worldwide. Suspected cause of death? SUICIDE…

Now I don’t profess to be the number 1 fan of the band but I liked enough of their music to know that his death is going to leave a void. At the relatively young age of 41 I think he still had plenty to offer. 

I guess when someone passes away unexpectedly it is rather difficult to understand why it happens and in the case of suicide(as it is being reported was the cause of death) than the questions are only doubled. When it the case of someone prominent and famous its even more so. 

I for one, and I would guess alot of other people, probably think that being well known and famous is the ideal life. I mean travelling the whole world, seeing all these exotic locations, being filthy rich and being adored by thousands of people who would want anything better. Famous people couldn’t have any real problems could they? Apart from being spotted in public that is. So why would someone famous commit suicide?

I don’t really have the answer to that to be honest. I guess we tend to forget that celebrities are just like us. Each person has their own fears and doubts and some have terrible demons that they have to fight each day.

 I’m not going to debate whether suicide is a selfish act or not. All I know is till we walk in someone else’s shoes we can’t judge. What might seem like a small matter to you might be a massive crisis to the next person. 

Personally I’ve had similar thoughts  of suicide in the past. When i felt tired. My soul. My body. My entire being. TIRED. I felt alone. I felt unloved and I questioned my existence and my reason for being. Luckily I managed to get past that difficult period but I know others aren’t as lucky. 

I’m fortunate to be blessed with amazing family and friends that accept me the way I am. Far from perfect I know I am and a real pain in the ass I can be sometimes. And I guess in that sense I’m more well off than many of those celebrities. I’m thankful for my circle. For those that support me no matter what. 

So to all that are fighting some inner demons all I know is that you can get through it. I hope your support group is as amazing and wonderful as the people I have in my life. In the end our loved ones are the ones that help us during our daily battles.

To everyone else out there please show some kindness and love to the family of Chester and to the band. Now is not the time to be hurling insults or judging his actions. 

 Till next time people. Ciao. 



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