10 facts about This Angry Teller…

So I thought instead of doing a post of my usual stuff I’d try something different. So I’ll be writing ten weird and wacky facts about myself that most people won’t know about me. Without further delay here goes. 

1■ ME AND AVOCADOS DON’T GO TOGETHER. In general,I wouldn’t describe myself as a fussy eater but when it comes to that green mush that most people seem to enjoy I’m instantly turned off. Friends and family already know that if they’re making a salad no avocado in my plate thanks. 

2■ CR7 OVER MESSI. Ask soccer fans all over the world about who the best in the world is and you are likely to hear them being divided between Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. I’m a Ronaldo fan. Maybe I’m being biased since he from Madeira (my family’s from there) and he played for Manchester United, my favourite soccer club. I think he an amazing soccer player. 

3■ I STILL WATCH WWE. Call it sports entertainment,call it fake,call it whatever you want,but even after all these years i still enjoy watching WWE. From the days of Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior, through the attitude era with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin right up to the present day with John Cena,Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton. My favourite pro wrestler without doubt and who i consider to be the G.O.A.T is The Undertaker.

4■ BMW ALL THE WAY. When it comes to cars every person has their favourite brand. I’ve been very fortunate to drive some really awesome motor vehicles over the years but I definitely have a love affair with BMW. All cars that I’ve owned have been BMW and I can’t really see that changing in the future. Mind you, if money was not an issue my absolute dream car would be a Lamborghini .

5■ I LOVE DANCING. Now let’s just make a distinction right here. I absolutely love dancing and I’ve taken Latin American and Ballroom dance lessons on and off for the last 10 or so years but even though I’ve managed to win a comp or so it doesn’t mean I’m any good. It’s just an awesome way to relieve stress. 

6■ I HAVE YET TO WATCH A SINGLE EPISODE OF STAR WARS. Now don’t get me wrong I absolutely love going to the cinema and watching movies in general but I’ve never ever had the inclination to watch star wars. Now considering that lots of my friends are huge fans makes me a complete outsider in this aspect. 

7■ I’M A WALKING CONTRADICTION-WELL SOMETIMES. It might be down to the fact that I’m born under the start sign of Gemini but there is a definite sense of duality when it comes to me. I’m usually quite calm and relaxed most of the time but in just as quick to lose my temper. Another case is that I love doing absolutely nothing whenever I have the time but can get rather impatient on the roads or in a queue. Those are just 2 examples. 

8■ WOLVERINE IS MY FAVOURITE COMIC BOOK SUPERHERO. Maybe it’s the fact that I like Hugh Jackman  or maybe it’s because of the human element but there is something about the character of Wolverine that I really identify with. He is by far my favourite superhero character. 

9■ THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE DISLIKE ME ON FIRST IMPRESSION. Now this might be a strange one but countless people have said this of me. I tend not to make the best first impression. I come across as unfriendly and somewhat unapproachable. I can’t really argue with them. 

10■ WHEN IT COMES TO ME, I’M MY OWN WORST CRITIC. The people that know me will vouch for this. I’m by far my own worst critic. I don’t really think I’m good enough in any field and I have a really low self esteem. I’d call myself a realist while everyone would call me a pessimist. 

So there we go…10 little known facts about myself that maybe you weren’t aware of. Hopefully you guys and gals enjoyed this post. Have a great Friday and weekend further. 

Till the next time peeps. Ciao


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