Organ donation should really be encouraged..


A topic that I feel doesn’t gets enough attention is that of organ donation.  I guess alot of us don’t really think of donating organs and i must admit i used to be someone that didn’t give it a second thought. That changed however when my younger brother got diagnosed with renal failure and got told he needed a kidney transplant or he would face a lifetime on pills and dialysis machines.  

His story does have a happy ending as he eventually found a donor that donated a kidney to him. In South Africa he is one of the lucky ones and i think that no matter where in the world you find yourself the percentage of people that are in need of organs and eventually do get them are in the single digits. 

I can’t explain the difference it has made to my brother to receive a kidney. To say it has changed his life would be an understatement. I really do think that most peoples have no idea just what a difference them donating their organs can make in someone else’s life. 

Did you know in fact that One organ donor can save up to eight lives. The same donor can also save or improve the lives of up to 50 people by donating tissues and eyes. It is really unbelievable to think you can change so many lives. 

Now I understand some people might have a fear about becoming a donor as there are several myths surrounding being an organ donor. You might think that doctors won’t try to fight for your life as hard if your lying in the hospital or you might think they’ll falsely declar you dead prematurely. The fact is, the medical staff treating someone who is an organ donor is separate from the transplant team.

Looking at organ donation I think more countries should follow that of Wales. Wales introduced a system known as a soft opt- out system from the 1st December 2015. Under the soft opt out system, if you have not registered a clear organ donation decision (opt-in or opt-out), you will be treated as having no objection to being an organ donor. This is called ‘deemed consent’. I think it would greatly help the desperate need that most countries have for organ donors if this system was introduced worldwide. 

So I greatly encourage each one of us to have a look into registering to become an organ donor. We knows it’s the right thing to do. Let’s help others where possible. Make the difference. 

Till the next time people. Ciao

* As a special mention I would just like to share a thought with a special someone. To the amazing and courageous young lady that donated to my brother : Your selfless and unbelievable act in giving one of your organs to my brother has truly left me speechless and humbled. I know all the thanks can never repay you for giving my brother a new lease on life and its something that we can never repay you even though you did it without expecting anything. You are a true inspiration to me and i can only learn from you. Thank you and I love you. 


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