Hi, I’m Nelio. About to enter my forties. I’m Portuguese and work in retail and have done my whole life. The corner cafe common in the 1980’s is where I started in a family owned store. Things have changed since then and so has my outlook on life. To put it bluntly, most of my opinions are not what most people would consider politically correct or what is popular. I’ll be blogging on any and all topics that either amuse me or sends my blood pressure climbing.

The Angry Teller :

Since I’ve worked in shops basically my whole life let’s just say I’ve spent many many hours working on cash registers (tills). There was a time just after i left school and started working full time that i was very introverted and didn’t really speak to or smile at many customers. In fact if i wasn’t keeping to myself you would find me having some or other argument with a customer. So one day someone asked my brother who The Angry Teller who was working in the shop was,because i always seemed to be in an angry mood and ever since than that name has stuck by me…and that’s the origin of the name…


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