FitChef : 21 Day Challenge – My review…

For those that read my post “The keys to a healthier me…”,you’ll know that I have a history of being overweight and also for always trying new diets. If you haven’t read it may I suggest having a look so you have a background to this review that I’m about to do.

So people who know me will tell you that no matter what,I’m rarely satisfied with the way I look. I always think that if I could lose an extra 5 kilos I’d look better. With this in mind and with my 40th birthday approaching(which has since passed) I decided it was time to try another way to lose some weight. I’d been on Facebook and the net and seem numerous ad’s for FitChef. What peaked my interest was the numerous of positive reviews that they had received. 

For those that have never heard of them,FitChef are the leading healthy-convenient food company in South Africa. They’re famous for their 21 DAY CHALLENGE KITS and monthly lifestyle food, smoothies and other products. They pride themselves on having meals made,to stringent standards,that are first and foremost healthy but also convenient to their clients that don’t have time to prepare healthy meals. 

They have numerous packages available to choose from,depending on how much you want to spend and how active you are. From what I could see their most popular package is the 21 day challenge – best results (v2) kit. I decided to place my order and they delivered it to my work’s address as that is where I spend most of my day. You can also collect your order of so desired. 

As you can see they came packaged in 2 reasonably big boxes. Make sure that you have a decent sized freezer as it takes more space than what you think. I was lucky in that aspect,since I work in a butchery and freezer space is not a concern. 

These are just some examples of the meals that come in the 21 day challenge kit.There are 36 Meat meals, 18 Vegetarian meals, 2 Soups, 44 Smoothies and 4 Snacks included in the kit. The kit also has a simple plan to follow but it is pretty much eat any meal at any time. The only rule to follow was to have the meals with higher carbs, i.e meals with rice or pasta,at lunchtime instead of supper.

I found the meals to be of really high quality and I was blown away by how good it tasted. I’m a meat eater and don’t do the vegetarian thing at all but even found those to my liking. The portions were just big enough to get me through to the next meal and if I ever thought of craving on something unhealthy I would just have their smoothies which were just as good. What I really enjoyed was that they managed to make the food with really natural ingredients and a minimum of salt and spices. My favourite meal out them all was the Green Thai Chicken with brown and wild rice dish. The smoothies also had no artificial sugars added which made a nice change since everything we tend to consume contains them.  

Great tasting food aside,the aspect I most enjoyed about this kit was the convenience of it. It made such a refreshing change not having to worry what I would be making to eat the next day or the amount of time it would take to prepare the food. All it took was defrosting the meals a day before the time and popping it in the microwave. Being at work I don’t have much time for lunch but during this challenge I found myself being able to eat with no stress at all.

I started out weighing 85.7kg and finished on 80.6kg which I feel is a reasonable amount of weight to lose in 21 days. All in all I’m very happy with the weight loss. I can highly recommend FitChef to any person,that wishes to lose weight,and start a new healthier way of eating. 

I know some people will maybe complain that the costs involved is a bit too steep for their pockets but I found that with the quality of food that a person gets plus the convenience of not having to spend any time preparing the food it to be of fair value. 

I would give this 21 day challenge-best results kit a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating…with the .5 getting deducted for the price which would be the only thing I can see preventing FitChef from completely dominating the healthy-convenient food sector.

Has anyone else tried FitChef?Are their people that have tried anything similar to them?If so,I’d love to hear from you. So please feel free to drop a comment or share your experience of FitChef. 

Till next time. 


*Please note : During this 21 day challenge i was gyming 3 times a week. Also note this review is my personal experience of FitChef and the 21 day challenge kit was not paid or sponsored by FitChef. 


The KEYS to a healthier me (& potentially you)…

120kg. It was the end of 1994 and i had just finished high school and was about to enter the real world of working full time and earning a salary. The fact was that those numbers,i had read on the scale,had been a long time coming.

I had been a chubby kid my whole life but really had let myself go during my high school years. It didn’t require a rocket scientist to figure out that by overeating and doing zero exercise my weight would only ever increase. My ever expanding waistline eventually earned me the moniker of ‘Nelly the Elephant’.

I don’t think those kids that called me that meant it in a bad way or to be nasty but to someone who wasn’t the most confident at the best of times it only meant that i retracted more into my shell. I had other stuff (which I’ll get into on another post)that played a role but my low self esteem has been a factor my whole life.

When i left school i promised myself that somehow i would lose weight and that i would get my life back on track. I started eating less junk food and less foods in general,started exercising more and it was literally 4 or 5 months only and i had lost 40 kilograms.

The feeling i got when i achieved this is something that is difficult to describe. It proved to me that i could do anything,if i put my mind to it. This should of been all she wrote in my story of weight-loss and getting a better looking body. Unfortunately it’s been something that still continues to this day.

I would have to say that one of my main weaknesses is that I’m a tad inconsistent. When i get into something i get very focused and i can stick it out but at other times it ain’t long before i get bored and lose interest quite quickly.

What this has led to,in my quest for a healthier body and lifestyle,is many ups and downs. I seem to have a unhealthy obsession with food and fitness sometimes. My family and friends keep telling me i look fine but every now and than they’ll find me trying some new diet in my effort to improve on my weight and body.

I guess that for most part,my weight has been stable and due to regular training hours in the gym,i find myself to be the fittest i have been for years. So even though it’s been a struggle for the majority of my life (and continues to be) the keys to a healthier and fitter me are the following : {Funny  isn’t it that sometimes the answer we are looking for is right there in front of us}

•BALANCE – The most important key to being healthier and happier is definitely balance. Unless you are a serious sportsman/woman or bodybuilder whose diet doesn’t allow it make sure to have balance in your life. Train hard and eat healthy but if you crave a chocolate allow yourself to eat it.

•COMMON SENSE – This goes hand in hand with balance. When i say allow yourself a cheat snack i mean have the burger or chocolate you want but don’t go overboard by having 2 or 3 burgers or the whole slab of chocolate. Also don’t think that by starving yourself you’ll be achieving your goal. In the end you’ll only do yourself more harm in the process.

•CONSISTENCY – The last but no less important key is to be consistent. Train or do moderate exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week. Try to eat healthy during the week . 5 or 6 small meals continuously during the day is ideal. Allow yourself some treats over the weekend but remember not to overdo it.

So hopefully some of you have found this to be of some help and I’ll continue writing on my experiences with fitness and diet in posts to come. I’m currently doing a 21day challenge by the FITCHEF company and I’ll be reviewing the products as well as posting the results as soon as i have completed the challenge  (I’m around halfway through).

Please feel free to leave a comment or share your story on your life experience with diet and fitness.