À Weekend getaway…

So it’s been almost two weeks since my last post. I can put it down to a few things but a lack of inspiration,a sudden addiction to a mobile racing game(CSR2) and lots of things to do at work(busy renovating the store) are factors that have all contributed to me being quiter than usual on my blog. 

This past weekend however has brought with it some new inspiration. I managed to organise a weekend getaway with some of the most awesome people I know. Note,a weekend isn’t usually long enough to recharge the batteries but on this little trip i sure was able to. 

Our setting for the weekend was the picturesque Rebellie Game farm situated in the quaint little town of Clarens in the Free State. The self catering lodge we stayed in was really amazing. From the cosy rooms to the fireplaces to the hot tub this place really does have it all. Best of all is the magnificent view. 

We arrived on the Friday evening but it wasn’t till sunset that we saw exactly how breathtaking the surroundings were. Saturday morning was spent having breakfast in town itself where everything is walking distance from each other. Lots of different shops make this an ideal place to browse for all types of  goodies. 

 We than took a long drive in which we went to the Golden Gate National Game Park. The scenery really does leave one in awe. We even went to the vulture restaurant where if you lucky you get to see different endangered species of vultures scavenging. 

After this,Lydia(my cousin Oscar’s awesome wife) organised that we spent part of the afternoon quad biking. This was such an unforgettable experience biking up the mountains and I had an unbelievable time. I can’t thank her enough for the treat. 

Having spent best part of the day busy with these activities we decided to head back to the lodge where we prepared food and quite simply enjoyed relaxing in the hot tub. 

Dinner under the stars waiting for the meteor showers was a brilliant way to end the evening. I spent Sunday morning packing up with a heavy heart before heading back home. The consensus was that everyone had a really great time and would most certainly come to this part of the world again. 

 There is one thing that i took away from this weekend. It doesn’t matter where you find yourself in the world that’s important. What’s important is the people that you find yourself surrounded by. This getaway simply wouldn’t have been the same with different people. 

I’m blessed to truly have amazing people in my life. To Jose,Oscar,Lydia,Felipe and Natashia thanks again for an incredible weekend. 

■ On a side note I can highly recommend staying at Rebellie Game farm. The fact that there’s no tv and mobile phone signal is almost non existent is a huge plus. For the traveler looking to get completely away from it all this is an ideal weekend getaway. Clarens is roughly 3 and a bit hours drive from Johannesburg. Having a land rover or other all terrain vehicle is a definite requirement in my opinion as lots of the roads are not tarred. 

Till next time. Ciao


2 thoughts on “À Weekend getaway…

  1. Wow! Your getaway really does sound amazing! The views are also quite extraordinary. I absolutely agree with and love your remark that it is the company that makes the experience beautiful. 😀
    Unfortunately I missed/ forgot about the meteor shower… I hope that it was an unforgettable experience for you?
    Thank you so much for the insightful post, I enjoyed it thoroughly as usual.

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